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Zoe A. Kind

Content Strategist + Designer.


Professional Mission

Fluidity is the name of the game.

Tell me more...
Movement without regret.

I’m drawn to movement, both realized and conceptualized. Aside from four years working in athletics, I’ve been an avid runner since early childhood and without a doubt, it has shaped the way I visualize the world.

As a runner or digital content strategist, you have the ability to admire what surrounds you on the web or on a trail, but to be able to clearly see what lies ahead, you have to look forward.

There is a trail of flexibility and progress in all that I craft and create, both written and visual. I hope you enjoy what you see.


Web Design

Digital connectivity is tantalizing.

I need to KNOW!
How do you represent yourself online?

Nothing is more fun than setting the tone for an event, company or individual staking claim to their internet-based territory.

After finding professional joy in the manipulation of digital structure and information, I returned to school earning my Masters in New Media Studies in November 2011. My courses gave me practical knowledge of not only what we are able to do today, but how to adapt accordingly. Or at the very least, taught me what I needed to know to build this site. So that's worth something, eh?


Editorial Content

If you cannot communicate correctly, might as well not communicate at all.

Pithy comment here.

I want to be a better storyteller. Ok, great. How?
To me, that means constantly learning how people relate and react to one another, both in a professional and personal sphere. And that’s something that is always evolving. Not only that, but understanding the presence of tonality, brand and representational voice has always come naturally and I only want to strengthen that component of my tool chest as I gain more experience crafting content.

I earned my undergrad degrees in creative writing and sociology with the dream of a great American novel to my name, and while I’m more prolific on Twitter these days, I won’t let it fall of my radar. I wax and wane on pop culture and about my running exploits in blog form. But don’t go! You just got here.


User-Centered Approach

I like things that work…and work well. Don’t you?

Color me intrigued...
It's like puzzle solving, even when pieces are missing.

As technology within grasp grows more compact and portable, it’s beyond important to create spaces and points of interactivity that are seamless and can adapt to different levels of digital abilities. There is point and purpose to a website layout or the process behind creating and application that gets the job done.


Aesthetic Communication

From age three, I was compared to a confluence of Dali and Klee. Then I stopped using crayons.

Go on...
Blue is my favorite color.

Surprising to most who meet me, I was not raised by wolves, but in fact by a pair of art professors. Visual stimulation was abhorrently present in my formative years, both on the walls and in my hands, helping me gain a better understanding of not only what is art but also how images evoke response. I've served as the department’s graphic designer while at Illinois-Chicago, done packaging and display design for a tool company (and know more about clamps than you do), crafted billboard and CTA advertisements and introduced info-graphics into annual report materials. I do print and digital work on a freelance basis, so if you are interested in my certain sorta je ne sais quoi, let's chat.


Random Facts

Because you should know your Zoe Abra Johanna Evanchuk-Kind a little better.

Why yes I should...
My parents almost named me Ryne.

- Even though it premiered in theaters when I was in eighth grade, I have never seen ‘Titanic’.

- 2004 Division II US Handball Association National Champion.

- Survived the worst storm in Arkansas history from the comforts of a nylon tent in the middle of a state park.

- My fullbacks would always win the Heisman in 2003 NCAA Football.

- Born with extra bones in my feet…and a song in my heart.

- I despise bananas and canned peas are icky.


Quincy and Pele

I do in fact mind my P and Qs. The litterbox on the other hand...

Ooooh! Cats!
There will be cat hair.

I would classify myself as a dog person with cats. It works out quite well as I have a pair of felines who act like canines.

Have you ever seen the bit on Family Guy where Peter perpetually wrestles the chicken? (If you haven’t, go here.) Well, that’s what these two do on a constant basis, when they aren’t sleeping or being fairly indifferent to my presence.

Oh, and they like Starbucks straws, a lot.


Contact Me

Have I said too much? Or not enough...

It's time to move on.

Please feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you dreamt last night, your thoughts on the American Linden (it’s a tree) or if you are in need of any freelance work. I promise I won’t bite.

Well, I haven’t recently.

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